Situated, as it is, between the open ocean and the impressive Sunnmørs-Alps, Herøy Kystcamp is an excellent starting-point for outdoor activities and exciting outings.

Because of its central position in the region one can easily visit many wellknown places within few hours.

The roads are good , the islands are bound together by bridges and the area is connected with the mainland through a submarine-tunnel.

Among places well worth visiting, outside our local community, could be mentioned: Westcape/ Selje - Stryn/Loen the Briksdal-gletcher - Nordangsdalen/Geiranger - Trollstigen/Åndalsnes - Ålesund/Giske/Alnes
Herøy Kystcamp: map
Sunnmørs video
�lesund Ålesund with a wesward view – towards Herøy (in the horizon): Car + ferry approx. 1.5 hours. 

Famous World-heritage region : Car approx. 2.5 hours + 2 ferries


Vigra/Giske/ Godøy Alnes lighthouse. Airport. : Car + ferry + tunnels under the fiords – approx. 2 hours 
Daytrip The Briksdal glacier : Car + the Eiksund tunnel (the worlds deepest -287 metres) approx. 3 hours 
Ørsta/Volda Center for higher education/college, airport, ski-center, Åsentunet (center for “New-Norwegian” literature/culture): Car – the new Eiksund tunnel under the fiord (287 metres deep) : approx. 50 minutes
Daytrip A full day fiord sightseeing : Herøy Kystcamp - Ørsta – Sæbø -ferry – Leknes/Øye – Nordangsdalen – Hellesylt – ferry – Geiranger (visit : Dalsnibba – mountaintop 1476 metres) – Ørnefjellsveien – ferry – Valldal – Trollstigveien – Åndalsnes – Sulesund (E136) – ferry – Hareid - Herøy Kystcamp. 
Vestkap/Selje “The North Cape” of the Norwegian West Coast / famous St.Sunniva monestry ruins : Car + ferry approx. 2 hours.
Sandsøya Car +ferry approx. 1 hour : Dollsteinhola – an impressive cave .