Overview - Norway + Møre og Romsdal
Herøy Kystcamp is situated in the centre of the red square. The map shows that this is a good starting-point for trips/outings to many of the most well-known places of interest in our county + Sogn & Fjordane (neighbour to the south)
Map of Herøy and the neighbouring municipalities
The municipality of Herøy is made up of eight islands, of which 6 are linked up with bridges. This is one of the largest fishery-municipalities in Norway, but also has a considerable amount of off-shore shipping companies. The municipal has approx. 9000 inhabitants. It is situated south-west of Ålesund and is easily to get to by air, sea or highway.
With the Sunnmørs-Alps as background and the high seas as closest neighbour Herøy kommune is well worth a visit.
Kart Fosnav�g - Eggeb�nes  
Fosnavåg is the administrative and commercial centre and with its intimate architecture, natural harbour, large fleet of modern fishing-vessels and active fish-industry this is in itself a fascinating village where you can experience the characteristics of Norwegian west-coastal environment and tradition. Here you will find a wide range of shops and all necessary service-institutions. From Herøy Kystcamp it only takes you a few minutes to get there by car.(8 km)
Eggesbønes is on the way to Fosnavåg – 5 km from Herøy Kystcamp – and here you find health service, chemist's,police, gas-stations, garage and food-stores.

Herøy Kystcamp map
About the municipality

Utsikt mot Vestkapp                                                      View to the south-west from the mountain behind Herøy Kystcamp – West Cape in the background.
View towards the north-west – Runde, the bird island, in the right hand upper corner
Utsikt med Her�y Kystcamp Herøy Kystcamp in the bottom of the bay