Boating and fishing
Herøy Kystcamp is especially arranged for guests who want to go fishing or boating.
Here you´ll find indoor room for cleansing of fish, access to deepfreezer, quay, floating stage, slipway and boats for hiring out.

This area is known to be rich in fish, and you can angle from land as well as from boat.

The fiord just outside the campsite is sheltered from wind and therefore accessable also in bad weather.

Under favurable conditions it´s tempting to try one´s fortune on the open ocean, which is not far away.

The selection of fishsorts is large, guests have reported more than 20 different species, from cod, coalfish, pollack, haddock to hering, mackerel, ling, halibut -- and many more.

For those who want to do something else than fishing this area is also ideal for sightseeing by boat, either in your own - or a rented boat

- or join an arranged tour to interesting sights like the birdsanctuary on the island of Runde,
Good fishing grounds registered by our guests